Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs

by Dave Weller

I bought my first computer in 1996. It was a Gateway PC running Windows 95. I was a Windows guy for many years. I started working at an advertising agency in 1998. It was there that I first became exposed to Apple and the Mac. It took me a while, but I bought my first iPod in late 2003 and my first Mac, a Mac Pro, in 2007. Then, another couple of iPods, a Mac Mini, a Mac Book Pro, an Airport Extreme, and very soon, an iPhone 4s.

Every blog post I’ve written, every photo I’ve retouched, every ad and website I’ve created, and every word I’ve written in the social media, have been done on a Mac.

I certainly never knew Steve Jobs as a person, but his company and products have captured my imagination and I can’t envision my technological world without them. He will be greatly missed.