Ted Weems

by Dave Weller

I’ve recently discovered the music of the 1920’s and early 30’s. I particularly like Ted Weems and his Orchestra. Weems was from Pennsylvania and started a dance band with his brother while attending the University of Pennsylvania. Ted, who had originally intended to become a civil engineer, found himself attracted to a musical career. They were one of the bands that played at the inaugural ball of President Warren Harding in 1921. Going professional in 1923, Weems toured for the MCA Corporation, recording for Victor Records. Weems moved to Chicago with his band around 1928. They were among the most popular attractions on the Midwest music circuit throughout the period separating the two World Wars. I particularly enjoy the bands music during the 1920’s

A few of my favorite Ted Weems songs are “Good Morning Good Evening Good Night”, “Heartaches” and “Piccolo Pete”.

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“Good Morning Good Evening Good Night”

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“Piccolo Pete”