Ruby, Please Bring Your Bottles to Town

by Dave Weller

My son and I love Ruby Red Squirt! We definitely drink it more than any other pop. But, within the last month, we hadn’t been able to find it anywhere! None of the grocery stores carry it. Nothing at Target or even Walmart. We thought that this was the end – we would never drink Ruby Red again.

Well, as a last hope, we each Facebook posted about our angst. Hopefully, someone would know where to find some. A couple of days passed with nothing. Low and behold, this morning when we were coming home, we saw two bottles of Ruby Red Squirt sitting on our door step! You can imagine our glee! On each bottle was a sticker stating they were bought at Nino Salvaggio’s. We hopped back in the car and when strait to Nino’s. They only sold it by the bottle, but we could order cases of 12 cans! So, order we did.

All is right with the world…